The single most important thing you can do to support your wellbeing this Christmas...

... R E L A X

For one day (at least!), this beats any diet, supplement or exercise routine. Christmas is a crazy, joyful and delicious time - and it’s about being in the moment with the people you are with.

So, relax - soak up every memory, laugh your socks off and savour every yummy mouthful.

If you do choose to overindulge, then enjoy it mindfully, anxiety free and without regret. Simply wake up the next day and move on - without restriction, quick fix detoxes, or double work-outs to ‘burn off’ extra calories.

And if you do want to maintain some kind of healthy balance between now and into the new year, my top tips are:

  • Eat your greens – what better time of year to enjoy a spectrum of tasty nutrient, folate and fibre rich foods which naturally support your body’s ability to detoxify.  

  • Choose some fun, inclusive options to keep active such as long or brisk walk with the family. Or grab some relatives and try a yoga routine at home - yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system through breath awareness, slow mindful movement and repetitive flows which allows the mind to quieten.

  • Keep really well hydrated. You won’t regret alternating a glass of water between alcoholic drinks. 

  • Get your rest - between all the excitement and merriment, make time for pure relaxation and sofa time, and some good nights’ sleep to turn off those overactive adrenals and help the body rest, digest and recover.  

 Have a wonderful Christmas and here's to a happy and healthful 2017