6 weeks & 6 top tips to WOW them this Xmas

Start today.  Sparkle-up for the party season by making these simple changes to your eating habits.

  1. Create a powerful vision in your mind of yourself enjoying yourself sparkling and shining this Christmas. Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want, and creating a clear vision of this will help make your goals more real and move you towards them more quickly and easily.
  2. Breakfast can set the tone for the rest of the day - so , no excuses, get everyday off to the best possible start with a glass of water with hot lemon followed by a nourishing, 'feel good' breakfast based on protein rich foods, good fats and slow-releasing carbs. Gut Reaction favourites are eggs, half an avocado and a slice of rye toast, or greek yogurt or porridge oats with nuts, mixed seeds and berries. 
  3. Stress and lack of sleep have a massive impact on our wellbeing. So to get a Christmas party glow, start looking at ways you can ditch the stress and increase your sleeping hours. They often go hand in hand, so deal with one and it is likely that you will get the other sorted too. What can you do differently? 
  4. Ditch simple, empty carbohydrates in favour of gluten-free grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, millet or brown rice and challenge yourself to add in more veggies everyday so that half your plate is loaded with colourful veg and leafy greens at lunch and dinner times.
  5. To help 'streamline' your gut and to help keep you regular, add in my favourite gut-friendly foods - in very small amounts initially!:
    • Sauerkraut - for its hit of beneficial bacteria. No time to make your own, then try this one.  
    • Gelatin powder - add a sprinkling to soups, smoothies or hot drinks for its gut supportive amino acid profile.
    • Flax seed - reputed for their combination of fibre and omega 3 content, daily use of flaxseed has been shown to improve gut bacteria and insulin sensitivity in overweight women. Add 1-2 tablespoons of milled or crushed flax seeds to smoothies, over breakfast foods or incorporate in home baking recipes.
  6. Become an intuitive eater. Whatever you consume, whether it be a glass of wine or a nutrient-packed smoothie, try to do it for the right reasons. Eat slowly and enjoy it!
If you would like more personalised nutritional guidance and support in implementing changes, why not join me for a 6 week Refocus programme? Read more here >