Why not follow your gut feelings?


We live in a world of confusing media messages, marketing temptation, fad diets, over-dependence on pharmaceuticals, commercially-driven supermarkets and a glut of over-processed, over-packaged, and genetically modified non-foods.  

With so much 'noise', sometimes it may seem hard to know how to approach a balanced, tasty and nutritious diet a and truly nourishing lifestyle.

But giving people a straight-forward, non-faddy approach to eating well and supporting their wellbeing is precisely what I aim to do both in my practice, Gut Reaction, and also through this blog. 


The Get Real blog is about sharing my views on the latest topics affecting the food industry, gut health and giving away some of my favourite tips to inspire you to look after your wellbeing.

Keep it real!

Sarah Grant
nutritional therapist, wellbeing coach and founder of Gut Reaction